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House rental in Viñales. Rent and accommodation in private houses.

ViñalesViñales valley si one of the most amazing Cuban’s landscape. A house for rent in Viñales is highly demanded by travelers from dissimilar parts of the world, due to its surrounding beauty, the reasonable of its prices and the kindness of its inhabitants.

Viñales has a great variety of houses for rent. An accommodation is around 30 cuc daily,and landlords are very flexible with the number of guests in each room. Besides, the delicious gastronomic service of Cuban and international plates.

 Our best available offers

: 3 houses

Grether and Carlos

  • Owner: Grether and Carlos

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day per room.

    Accommodation in a private house for rent in Viñales, Cuba. One room with air conditioning.

Haydee Chiroles

  • Owner: Haydee Chiroles

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day for room.

    House rental in Viñales, Cuba. Hostel with three rooms.

Mignelys and Juanito

  • Owner: Mignelys and Juanito

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day.

    House rental in Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba. 3 rooms with independent entrance.



Independent apartment in Old Havana. 1 bedroom near Prado and Beauty Art museum.


Pablo Balani

A luxury house rental in Miramar, the residential district of Playa.



5-star rental in Havana. House for rent with pool seaside.