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House rentals in Trinidad, Cuba. Apartments for rent.

TrinidadTrinidad, belongs to Santi Spiritus province, one of the most beautiful  and preserved colonial architecture buildings of the American continent.

The price of accommodation in a house in Trinidad is around 25 to 30 cuc daily. It´s quite low compare to any hotel in Cuba. Besides, landlords are flexible with the amount of guest for room, and excellent gastronomic services, prepared by cook expert’s hands.

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: 4 houses


  • Owner: Gisela

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day for room.

    Colonial house for rent in Trinidad. 2 rooms with cooking services.

Juan Carlos

  • Owner: Juan Carlos

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day.

    Colonial house rental inTrinidad. 5 air conditioned rooms with cooking services.

Lorenzo Soler

  • Owner: Lorenzo Soler

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day for room.

    Colonial house for rent in the old town, in Trinidad. Terrace with superb view to the city.

Marilú and Nelson

  • Owner: Marilú and Nelson

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day per room.

    Hostel in the old town in Trinindad, 3 air conditioned rooms, cooking service.



House rental in Havana. 5 rooms, yard, terrace and garage.



5-star rental in Havana. House for rent with pool seaside.



Private house for rent in Miramar, 3 bedrooms and a large terrace.