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Santiago de Cuba

Houses for rent in Santiago de Cuba. Rooms.

Santiago de CubaFascinating place, plenty of nature, beauty, history, and culture. The place you crave for your vacation in Cuba.

The houses for rent in Santiago in Santiago de Cuba are completely cozy for a pleasant accommodation, with rental prices from 25 to 30 cuc daily and cheap gastronomic services from 3 to 6 cuc for breakfast, and 6 to 12 cuc the tasty Cuban food plates. 

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: 4 houses

Yanet Mora

  • Owner: Yanet Mora

    Price: 0.00 cuc.

    House for rent in Santiago de Cuba, 4 rooms with air conditioning.


  • Owner: Dulce

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day.

    Economical rental in Santiago de Cuba, 1 room with air conditioning.

José Enrique

  • Owner: José Enrique

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day.

    Precious neo-colonial house in Santiago de Cuba, 2 double air-conditioned rooms.

Raul Mora

  • Owner: Raul Mora

    Price: 30.00 cuc a day for room.

    House rental for holiday in Santiago de Cuba, 3 rooms with city view.



House for holidays in Havana, Miramar. 3 bedrooms. Pool.



House for rent in Varadero beach. 4 rooms with independent entrance.



Precious village with pool in Siboney. PLaya. 4 air-conditioned bedrooms.