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House rentals in Miramar, Siboney, Santa Fé. Apartments for rent.

PlayaPlaya municipality is the place where we find the best provision houses of our island. It has places of international reputation such as Tropicana´s cabaret, Habana’s Club, Marina Hemingway, for those who like fishing and diving, el Salon Rosado de la Tropical and some of the most popular capital’s discos.

For your accommodation you can choose a house for rent in Miramar, Siboney, Santa Fé or Kolhy, with guarantee of peace and Security.

We are convinced to fulfill your expectations.

 Our best available offers

: 9 houses

Cecilia Ruiz

  • Owner: Cecilia Ruiz

    Price: 30.00 cuc a day.

    House rental in Miramar. 4 rooms, garden. Garage.


  • Owner: Aide

    Price: 35.00 cuc per month.

    Beach house rental in Playa. 4 air-conditioned rooms with splendid gardens and excellent gastronomic services.


  • Owner: Alexis

    Price: 40.00 cuc a day.

    Rental house. House rental in Miramar. 2 air-conditioned rooms.


  • Owner: Ana

    Price: 40.00 cuc daily per room.

    House rental in Miramar, Playa. Large terrace, 4 rooms.


  • Owner: Gudelia

    Price: 40.00 cuc a day.

    Private house for rent in Miramar, 3 bedrooms and a large terrace.

Miriam Esquivel

  • Owner: Miriam Esquivel

    Price: 40.00 cuc a day per room.

    Independent house in Miramar 3 bedrooms. Excellent cooking services.


  • Owner: Osvaldo

    Price: 50.00 cuc a day per room.

    Luxury rental in Miramar. Beautiful sea view. 4 bedrooms.


  • Owner: Magda

    Price: 100.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    Luxury house with pool in Siboney for rent. Excellent cooking services.


  • Owner: Mary

    Price: 250.00 a day.

    House for holidays in Havana, Miramar. 3 bedrooms. Pool.



Apartment rental in Vedado. 3 rooms near the Avenida de los Presidentes.


María Isabel

House rental in Varadero beach. 3 air-conditioned rooms.



House rental in Guanabo beach, a few meters from the sea.