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Old Havana

House rentals in Old Havana. Rent for holiday, accommodation.

Habana ViejaOld Havana, where history, culture and tradition combine with the present of a charming island. Called “ The key of the new world”, by the Spanish colonizers, it is full of  majestic sites, colonial houses, temples, squares and cathedrals.

Old Havana has a great variety of house rentals for holidays where you can get economical accommodation under 30 or 40 cuc daily. Our offers are beyond all competition to the state hotel network in terms of service and quality.

 Our best available offers

: 7 houses


  • Owner: Idania

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    Two-bedroom apartment in the old town. Very near the Cathedral and La Bodegita del Medio.

Lina and Roberto

  • Owner: Lina and Roberto

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day per room.

    2 air-conditioned bedrooms in Old Havana, near the Cathedral and La Bodegita del Medio.


  • Owner: Maura

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    Private house for rent, two bedrooms, near the Beauty Art museum.


  • Owner: Teresa

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    Colonial house in Old Havana, 2 bedrooms near the Cathedral.


  • Owner: Yusimi

    Price: 25.00 cuc.

    House rental in Old Havana. 3 rooms near the Cathedral.


  • Owner: Lissette

    Price: 30.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    Independent apartment in Old Havana. 1 bedroom near Prado and Beauty Art museum.


  • Owner: Osmani

    Price: 30.00 cuc double bedrooms, 45 cuc triple bedrooms.

    Colonial house rental, in the old town, 3 bedrooms.



House with pool in Guanabo beach, 5 air conditioned rooms.



House rental in Miramar, Playa. Large terrace, 4 rooms.



Apartment for rent in Vedado. 2 air conditioning rooms.