Travel to Cuba

Migration procedures

Migratory Procedures in Cuba.

Residence and Marriage.

Application for residence permit in Cuba.

The residence permit application will be formulated by the interested foreigners, at the consulate, presenting the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Habitual residence certificate. (document authorizing the place where he/she lives)
  3. Chest x-ray, blood serum and AIDS tests.( No older than 6 months before presented at the consulate)
  4. Technical capacity and practice documents. ( Studies certificate, working experience, technical level certificate, working certificate, retirement certificate)
  5. Economic solvency. (The holder has to be the interested foreigner and it constitute a guarantee for him and his family. The bank account may be open from abroad with a Cuban bank whenever the certificate is recognized by the Cuban bank. The Cuban bank account shouldn’t be lower 5,000,00,CUC).
  6. Documentation of criminal records of the country of residence.
  7. Reason for request charter.
  8. Two passport photos
  9. Photocpy of passport certified by collation with the original Cuban consulate.

Marriage in Cuba:

It takes place in the International Legal Counsel.

 1. For a single person:

   - Birth Certificate

   - Singleness issued Certificate

2. For a divorced person:

  - Birth Certificate

  - Final Decree of divorce

3. For a widow person:

  - Birth Certificate

  - Certification of marriage

  - Certification of death of the spouse 

The documentation must be translated by a sworn translator and authorized by competent authorities.


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