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Luxury houses

Luxury houses for rent in Cuba. Renting in  luxury rooms.

Casas de LujoYou can find the relaxation and enjoyment you crave at our luxury houses and rooms for rent. Offers of beautiful houses, villages, and apartments with ample provisions that will fill you with pleasant memories.

 Our best available offers

: 8 houses


  • Owner: Isabel

    Price: 40.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    House in the residential district in Miramar. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, Large garden and yard.

David and Yula

  • Owner: David and Yula

    Price: 50.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    Luxury rental in Miramar. Three-bedrooms house in Playa.

Mirta Hernández

  • Owner: Mirta Hernández

    Price: 50.00 cuc

    Private house in Vedado. 4 luxury rooms in Vedado. Bathroom with Jacuzzi.


  • Owner: Magda

    Price: 100.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    Wonderful house with pool in Siboney for rent. Excellent cooking services.

Pablo Balani

  • Owner: Pablo Balani

    Price: 100.00 cuc a day per bedroom.

    A luxury house rental in Miramar, the residential district of Playa.


  • Owner: Mercedes

    Price: 250.00 cuc all the house.

    Luxury house with pool in Siboney, barbecue ranch, relaxing pool.


  • Owner: Abel

    Price: 400.00 cuc a day per room.

    Precious village with pool in Siboney. PLaya. 4 air-conditioned bedrooms.


  • Owner: Isis

    Price: 400.00 CUC daily for 4 luxury bedroom. 226 CUC daily per room .

    5-star rental in Havana. House for rent with pool seaside.


Maria Antonia

House for rent, 4 rooms in Guanabo beach.



Rental house. House rental in Miramar. 2 air-conditioned rooms.



Spacious rental house with pool in Havana, Siboney. 3 rooms. Large gardens.