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Long staying rents

Rentals in Cuba for long term. Rentals of rooms, apartments and houses for months.

Long staying rentsThe category of rental for long term, guaranties you all over the country economic and luxurious accommodation choices to satisfy the visitors needs.  The average prices for long term rentals in Cuba, depend mainly of the quantity of rooms of the property (apartment or house), of the accommodation characteristics (luxurious, economic or very economic) and of the location of the country where is it’s placed. The determinant aspect is the quantity of rooms in the property.

You can choose the accommodation choice that best suits to your personal needs.  We can adjust our offers to your desires.

 Our best available offers

: 8 houses


  • Owner: Yusimy

    Price: 25.00 cuc a day per room.

    Accommodation for a long time in the Old Havana, 3 guests rooms close to the old town.


  • Owner: Mary

    Price: 250.00 a day.

    Rental house for months in Havana, Miramar. 3 bedrooms. Pool.

Cecilia Ruiz

  • Owner: Cecilia Ruiz

    Price: 1500.00 cuc per month.

    House rental for a long time in Havana. 4 rooms in Miramar.


  • Owner: Cristina

    Price: 1600.00 cuc per month.

    Monthly rentals in Vedado. 2 air-conditioned rooms with excellent sea view.


  • Owner: Gudelia

    Price: 1600.00 cuc per month.

    Monthly house rental in Miramar, 3 bedrooms and a large yard.


  • Owner: Lupe

    Price: 1600.00 per month.

    Apartment for rent for a long season. 3 air-conditioned bedrooms with a beautiful sea view.


  • Owner: Libian

    Price: 1800.00 cuc per month.

    House for rent for a long time in Vedado. 2 air-conditioned bedrooms, spacious garden.


  • Owner: Aide

    Price: 2500.00 cuc per month.

    House rental for months in Miramar .4 air-conditioned rooms with splendid gardens and excellent gastronomic services.



House rental in Havana. 5 rooms, yard, terrace and garage.



Apartments for rent in Varadero, 3 independent room.


David y Yula

Luxury rental in Miramar. Three-bedrooms house in Playa.