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Economical house rentals in Cienfuegos. Rooms for rent, accommodation.

CienfuegosAccording to the accommodation prices, do not concern. Rentals in Cienfuegos’ city are very economical; they don’t exceed  30 cuc per room. In our house rentals, landlords are very flexible with the number of tenants, being able to admit three or four tenants for the same price if the number of beds are enough. You will get only reasonable and economical prices.

 Our best available offers

: 3 houses

Casa Mayor

  • Owner: Casa Mayor

    Price: 30.00 cuc a day per room.

    Accommodation in private house in Cienfuegos, 3 rooms.

Tony Castillo. Hostal la Verde


  • Owner: Waldo

    Price: 30.00 cuc a day per room.

    Private house for rent in Cienfuegos. 2 air-conditoned rooms. Terrace and garage.


Lina y Roberto

2 air-conditioned bedrooms in Old Havana, near the Cathedral and La Bodegita del Medio.



House rental in Varadero. 4 rooms with air conditioning.



House for rent, 4 air-conditioned rooms. Nice pool, beautiful gardens, areas for sunbathing.