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Private house for rent in Havana. 7 rooms with pool.

Price: 100.00 cuc a day per room.

Owner: Pablo Balani

Houses with swimming pools

Pablo offers a private house for rent in Havana. In the residential district of Miramar with pool and Jacuzzi. Special place for a group o friends or family. The property consists of two floors with independent entrance:

Ground floor:

It has 4 air-conditioned rooms. Pool-Jacuzzi surrounded by a luxury garden with palm trees, features of our island. Spacious areas for sunbathing, rocking chair and sun lounger.

Upper floor:

It has 3 air-conditioned rooms with their private bathrooms, large living room, kitchen, a spacious shack-style terrace to enjoy with family and friends.

Cooking and laundry services on request.

With 7 rooms in general guests will be able to enjoy a nice and pleasant atmosphere.

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