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Rent a car in Cuba , Havana. Rent modern cars.

Fee income of modern cars from Havana to other parts of the country , is calculated by the number of hours spent on them.

Cars for sightseeing in Havana , corresponding to intervals trip 2-8 hours from 40 to 100 CUC.

Cars from Havana to Varadero , intervals corresponding to travel 2-8 hours from 80 to 150 CUC.

Car from Havana to Pinar del Rio , corresponding to intervals trip 2-8 hours from 120 to 160 CUC.

In case of tours to Soroa , Vinales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad , prices are : ( 100-150 CUC) , ( 100-150 CUC) , respectively and ( 180-280 CUC) for the last two cases .

The peculiarities of each trip may be negotiated directly with the owner of the rental car .

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