Travel to Cuba

About reservations

Reservation of rental houses in Cuba. Rent of rooms and homes.

Bookings are made several days or weeks before the date of arrival in Cuba. There are two different ways to book a house for rent in Cuba.

  1. By means of word: It’s carried out through the communication with the tour-operator and the landlord, by means of e-mail or telephone.
  2. Through deposit: it’s carried out sending the money of the first and second night through a bank, or a transfer to the landlord’s credit car. Some landlords, offers this service for more guarantee of the reservation. This procedure is the most communly used.

How to make a reservation online?  

To book a house for rent you need to send an e-mail, requesting the availability of the house you are interested filling up the  contact form in each lodging. Make sure to write correctly all your personal information.

  • You will receive answer about the availability of the house you want. In case it is available, you should send another message to confirm the reservation in the rental house, specifying the information of your flight. Travel to Cuba will be in charge of sending you the address and the landlord´s information.
  • If your reservation coincides with a previous one, our enterprise will send you other offers, in the place and price you chose.

Very important.

Please, we ask you to cancel the reservation you are not going to carry out. Taking into account that landlords, have to pay high taxes and this could bring about financial loss.


Miriam Esquivel

Independent house in Miramar 3 bedrooms. Excellent cooking services.



House rental in Varadero. 4 rooms with air conditioning.


Mirta Hernández

Private house in Vedado. 4 luxury rooms in Vedado. Bathroom with Jacuzzi.